Think While you Drink



Although there are plenty of times and places to enjoy a cup of tea with friends, many times I find that drinking a cup of green tea just naturally goes hand in hand with solitude and quiet reflection…






… so, if you find yourself in a reflective, quiet, frame of mind- or if you are just curious or in need of a brief escape from reality, I hope you will find beautiful, interesting, thought provoking, and happy thoughts here!

This section quite possibly may grow to infinite proportions because the world is… well… infinite, and there is no end of things to read, learn, look at or think about.  You will find a fact, a photo, a curious thought or any number of ideas on a broad variety of topics from the world of nature, art, science, humor, and others. I hope you find something to make you smile, think, learn, or whatever you need at the moment!

 When your tea is ready and you want to “think while you drink”, just click on that heading in the top menu bar to choose an interesting subject from the drop down menu.

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