Reviews of the best green teas

(Includes loose leaf tea reviews and bagged tea reviews)



Ever since I first tasted a pleasant green tea a few years ago (I am a former green tea hater!) and realized that I had been missing out on a whole world of good (not bitter!) green tea, I have discovered many favorites.


Here are reviews of some I would recommend whether you are looking for a good, low cost, convenient (think supermarket brand) variety, or a high quality premium brand. My list of favorites is long- keep checking back as I add more reviews!


tazo ginger

Tazo Green


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 This is the first green tea I ever liked so I started here with my recommendations for all of you who think you hate green tea! If you want good, convenient and low cost- try this one!

emperors clouds



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 This tea is best described by what is absent- which is anything that would ruin a cup of tea. There is absolutely zero bitterness.  If you want a super mild cup, this is the one.

double green

Double Green


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 This is more regular green tea than matcha, but a great tea to try if you generally don’t like the taste of green tea- I bet you will enjoy from the first sip- no need to acquire a taste for it!

1st Picking


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 This tea is the perfect accompaniment to a winter hibernation… it gives the same feeling as one gets from a cup of chicken soup- warm, hearty, full, and completely satisfying.

Revolution Tropical 

Green Tea

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Finally a tropical green tea that tastes like tea and not a fruity kid drink! Intermingling flavors include a sweet but subtle floral and fruit flavor.

Mariage Frères

Marco Polo (iced)

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This green tea version of the Mariage Frères Marco Polo tea is a super refreshing bright and aromatic floral tea with a fragrance of flowers and dried fruit- perfect for cold brewing an iced green tea!

numi organic gunpowder green tea

Numi Gunpowder

Green Tea

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A beautiful golden-amber tea very easy to brew to perfection. Gunpowder tea tolerates a wider range of brewing temperatures than most green teas! Slightly sweet and perfect for an autumn morning or afternoon tea.

matcha green tea powder

Matcha Green Tea


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Because matcha green tea is in powdered form rather than the more common tea leaf or tea bag form, it provides a completely different drinking experience.  As a result, the matcha green tea reviews are in a class of their own and are presented on a separate page.

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