Review: The Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha

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The Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha Tea is another great tea to try if you generally don’t like the taste of green tea- I bet you will enjoy it from the first sip without any effort required to acquire a taste for it!

Although I didn’t notice it the first time I tried it, the last time I purchased this tea the fragrance when opening the container was almost exactly that of a freshly cut lawn!  The smell of cut grass is an all-time favorite of mine… not many other scents are so sweetly reminiscent of springtime. Finding that natural scent here is an added bonus!

The flavor of this tea is mild and mellow- no bitterness, with a few hints of mineral and grassy flavors. I don’t know why exactly, but this tea also makes me think of ocean air (maybe the mineral notes). In other words, from the initial aroma (cut grass) to the final flavor on the palate (mineral/ocean air), you may experience some favorite outdoor fragrances and flavors that will no doubt greatly contribute to your enjoyment of this cup!

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This is an easy tea to make and drink, and is in a convenient circular tea bag (no string) that fits perfectly in the cup. You will notice some powdery material in your cup and in the tea container. This is the matcha powder that has been added to the tea leaves and is meant to be consumed, although it may settle at the bottom of your cup. I personally do not find this tea very much like actual matcha tea (and it IS mostly tea leaf, not matcha powder), although I find this tea still very pleasing.

Tastes best brewed around 180 degrees F

Brew for 2-3 minutes

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