Tazo Green Ginger

This is the first green tea I ever liked so I wanted to start here with my “best green teas” recommendations for all of you who think you hate green tea!

I will always fondly remember Tazo Green Ginger Tea as the first proof that I had previously been completely wrong about green tea- it doesn’t always taste like bitter medicine after all! After trying Tazo Green Ginger I became newly convinced that it was totally worth it to start trying multiple varieties of green tea- which resulted in MANY new favorites.  

I also had to spend a little time learning how to properly brew green tea for the best taste. My haphazard neglect of proper water temperature was largely to blame for the bitter taste of most green teas I tried before this one. So… if you think you hate green tea and you want to start with convenient and low cost- Tazo Green Ginger is a great place to start!


This is a mellow tea with a slightly sweet flavor. There is a noticeable but small touch of ginger– just enough to add some depth and a little something “extra”  to the cup. This tea is one I go back to regularly- even after discovering many others I love. It might be a new pantry staple for you, too!


The recommended brewing temperature on the package is 175F, but I will tell you that the day I first tried it the water was heated in a mug in the microwave and I have no idea at what temperature I steeped my first cup. It was still good! Remember if you don’t have a thermometer that boiling water left to sit for 3-5 min will usually be around 175 degrees F


The recommended brewing time on the package is 3 minutes. You can try a shorter or longer brewing time to suit your taste if you prefer a milder (2 min) or stronger cup (3+ min)

When I first tried this tea I measured neither the temperature nor the brewing time- and the fact that it was still good gives me some confidence that it would be hard to ruin this tea (well, yes you could eventually but it isn’t a “high maintenance” tea in my opinion). Having said that… it DOES get bitter if you leave the bag in the cup indefinitely. Of course, everyone has a slightly different palate, but if you really want the best shot at liking it- follow the directions and use water heated to around 175F and take the bag out after about 3 min.

One last thought on this tea- I think it will only suffer if you add sugar or anything else– and I LOVE sugar, but this cup doesn’t need it.
Let me know what you think!

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