Review: Emperor's Clouds & Mist

I discovered this tea at Teavana after describing to them some of the flavors I like in my favorite kinds of green tea and asking for a recommendation. The person helping me that day suggested I try this tea. She definitely led me in the right direction!

emperors cloudsgreen tea in teacupemp mist

I greatly enjoy this tea and I find there are many ways to consume it other than just the usual “steep and drink it hot.” It has such a pleasant, well rounded taste that it makes a great everyday tea if you are looking for one. If you prefer (like me) to rotate through a variety of green teas, you will still probably want to add this one to your list. 

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My best description of this tea is just… soft. That is, for whatever reason, the first word that comes to my mind as I drink this tea. While I do like this tea, there is no particular dimension of flavor that stands out to me in this cup. And sometimes, that is exactly what I want. A cup of tea that just seems pure and unadulterated with any bitter, unwanted, or “extra” flavors.

I realize while writing this (and also simultaneously drinking a cup of this tea) that so far I am thinking of and describing Emperor’s Clouds & Mist in terms of what it isn’t. And I think that can be a helpful thing.  But for the reader who is thinking- can you please give me a description of what this DOES taste like- here goes. To me, there is a distant and minimal floral flavor followed by simply the taste of…. green. Green in a mild, fresh, way.

If words were pictures....

azaleas…then this would be the visual description of this tea- soft, green, fresh, and a little bit floral.


Two minutes seems to be the ideal steeping time, in my opinion. Not too strong, but with full flavor.


175F- the ideal average temperature for many varieties of green tea to steep to perfection. Higher temperatures can produce unwanted bitterness.

Other uses

This tea is ideal for use in green tea recipes since it provides an uncomplicated canvas on which to build or add other flavors.  Green Tea Spiced Cider is a simple combination of spices with a freshly brewed cup, and Green Tea Blueberry Basil Smoothie is great for a cold green tea drink.

In the end, I still believe this tea is best described by what is absent- which is anything that would ruin a cup of tea! If you want a super mild cup, this is the one. Enjoy!

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