Review of DoMatcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea

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DoMatcha Ceremonial Organic Matcha is currently one of my favorite matchas. I am enjoying a cup of it while I write this so that I will not be describing from memory- but from a “live tasting experience”.

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The first time I made this tea I probably used over a teaspoon of powder to make a 6-8 oz. cup of tea. And I did NOT like it at that concentration. I could have immediately decided that this tea is terrible but I decided to give it another try using only ½ teaspoon of matcha powder. This turned out to be the magic potion for my taste buds. I went back and measured exactly how much water I was using for the perfect cup so that I could re-create the magic every single time.

 When made properly, using filtered water heated to around 175-176F, this tea has almost a creamy mouth feel, is a tiny bit sweet in a way that tastes like the sweetness comes from the plant itself and not from anything added (which is true), and has an earthiness that I find difficult to describe. My best effort would be to say that it somehow reminds me of the smell after a warm summer rain combined with the fragrance of woods- the smell of trees and leaves, moss and earth.


 If one could convert that fragrance combination into a great tasting flavor then DoMatcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha might be it! I like this description better than the usual term “vegetal” that is often used to describe the flavor of matcha. Vegetal would simply mean “plant-like” or “vegetable-like” and honestly, that isn’t very enticing or specific (which plant? which vegetable? there is more than a little variety within those two categories!).

I hope you try this tea and if so, I would love to hear how you would describe the flavor!

Forest photo courtesy of  Griffey’s Sunshine Photography.

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