Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea Review

Numi organic gunpowder green tea is one of the best grocery-store-available teas I have discovered in a long time! This tea proves you should try the same tea variety (gunpowder green tea, in this case) from mulitple sources before you decide whether you like it or not. I previously tried a premium gunpowder green tea at a boutique tea shop and did not like the flavor very much at all. However, because Numi Jasmine green tea is one of my favorite Jasmine teas, I decided to give their gunpowder tea a try. Hopefully you will try and enjoy it, too!

Keep reading for details on the brewing instructions, caffeine content and taste of Numi’s organic gunpowder tea.  Since gunpowder tea is the usual base for moroccan mint tea, I also added a basic starter recipe for sweet mint tea. 

How did gunpowder green tea get its name?

The gunpowder name describes both the color and shape of the tea. After the fresh tea leaves are steamed and rolled into small “pearls”  they look similar to gun powder pellets.

Gunpowder Tea Growing Region

Gunpowder green tea is traditionally grown and produced in the coastal, subtropical climate of the Zhejiang Province of China.  Other farms in the same province produce oranges, rice, and other varieties of premium and industrial teas.

Numi Organic Green Tea Origin

Numi organic green tea is produced in Enshi China, which also has a subtropical, humid climate and is just inland from Zhejiang. Numi organic gunpowder green tea is a fair trade, organic, and non-GMO project certified tea. In addition, the numi tea tea bags are biodegradable and the tea packaging/boxes are recyclable.

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How to make numi gunpowder green tea

The package instructions for Numi organic gunpowder green tea recommend steeping the tea bag in “freshly boiled water” (just under 212F) for 2-3 minutes. While most green tea will come out quite bitter at this temperature (ideally green tea should be brewed around 175-185F), gunpowder tea tolerates a wider variety of temperatures and will not be ruined or bitter at higher temperatures. For this specific tea, anything from 185F up to boiling should be fine.  I made this tea at both 175 and 212 and steeped for 2 minutes- both cups tasted great!

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Gunpowder green tea caffeine content

Gunpowder green tea generally has a higher caffeine content than the average green tea. While the amount of caffeine in any green tea is dependent on both the variety of tea leaf and the steeping time, the range usually varies from 25-45 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce serving. There are always exceptions, of course.

Follow this link to find more details on green tea caffeine content as it compares to other beverages (soft drinks, black tea, etc).

Numi Gunpowder Tea Review

This particular gunpowder green tea (Numi organic) has a full-bodied, slightly sweet flavor with a silky texture and absolutely no bitterness! It is a golden-amber color in the cup, and makes a rich, comforting cup of tea perfect for an autumn morning or afternoon tea.

The fragrance of the dry leaves prior to brewing is reminiscent of sweet tobacco- an aroma categorized by some professional tea tasters as “empyreumatic”.  Grilled almond and toast are examples of other fragrances in the same category.

Keep in mind that while aromas certainly contribute to the perception of flavor, that does not mean the tea will TASTE like that specific fragrance. For example, a tea with a subtle scent of freshly dried tobacco does not taste like tobacco or smoke!


If you are interested in learning more about the descriptive terms used by professional tasters to label tea aromas, I included here for you an “aroma wheel” from the International Tea Masters AssociationThe wheel shows both general categories of aromas (near the center of the circle) and specific aromas within those categories (the outer part of the circle). You can use these adjectives to describe tea fragrances as you perceive them. In doing so, you may find that you prefer teas with similar flavor and fragrance profiles- floral, sweet, or earthy.  Knowing which aromas you find appealing can help you shop for tea with a greater probablility of finding new favorites.

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How to make sweet mint tea using Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

You can use fresh spearmint or fresh peppermint. Many grocery stores have a fresh mint in the produce section either in small plastic bags, or sometimes in a potted plant container. If you can’t find fresh mint at your local grocery, many plant nurseries have it in their herb section. 

Spearmint is the slightly sweeter of the two and will not be quite as powerful as peppermint. Both are great- and you can choose one over the other, or you can use both.

Gunpowder green tea is often the type of tea used as a base in making sweet mint tea. 

Since the amount of sugar and fresh mint in the perfect cup varies between individuals, I provided a starting point for the amount of each you can start with until you determine the quantities you most prefer.

How to prepare a cup of sweet mint tea using Numi organic gunpowder green tea:

1. Prepare your cup of tea as directed above in the “how to make numi gunpowder green tea” section

2. Mix your desired amount of sugar and mint– start with around 1/2 tbsp sugar and leaves from a couple of mint sprigs. Use a rubber spatula to press the mint leaves into the sugar. This will release the mint oils into the sugar and help add more of the flavor to your tea.

3. Add the sugar/mint mixture to your cup of gunpowder green tea. Enjoy!

If you want to try something a little heartier than gunpowder green tea, you might like to try matcha green tea. Mighty Leaf Organic Matcha tea is another surprise grocery store find!

 If you like gunpowder green tea and want to read a review of another mellow green tea, try this luxury green tea from Teavana- Emperor’s Clouds and Mist.

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