Green Tea Review: Revolution Tropical Green Tea





Springtime in a cup!

Finally a tropical green tea that tastes like tea and not a fruity kid drink! Intermingling flavors include a sweet but subtle floral and fruit flavor.

One of the reasons I typically do not enjoy fruit flavored green tea is because so often it has such an overpowering and artificial flavor to the point it seems more like drinking some fruity kiddie drink rather than anything even closely resembling tea. After trying multiple “tropical” green teas-usually with immediate regret for exactly the reasons stated above- I was unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised by Revolution Tropical Green Tea.

Finally- a tropical green tea that actually tastes like a quality green tea (reminiscent of one of my favorite premium green teas, in fact- see 1st  Picking Dragonwell tea review).  Revolution Tropical Green Tea has a subtle but noticeable floral fragrance and a sweet and exotic fruit flavor. The base tea leaves include the lovely dragonwell, but there are many other intermingling flavors in a cup of this tea!


Here’s how a cup of Revolution Tropical Green Tea tastes:

Initial Fragrance and Flavor



Imagine the first time you smell a fresh bouquet of flowers or a particular perfume- the first scent may come across as a specific flower, fruit, spice, or whatever the case may be- but with the next whiff you may pick out a different fragrance, or notice a combination of aromas. This cup of tea is similar in that regard- when you first add the water, the lemon verbena and jasmine added to the tea leaves contribute a fragrance and flavor that are a bit more floral, cool, and crisp… 


... And then as you linger over this cup of tea the flavor changes...


As this tea cools-  the sweet citrus, honey, and tropical fruit flavors pop up a little bit more, and the bright floral crispness somewhat recedes. The honey flavor is very distinct and likely from the addition of marigold flowers which can be used as a substitute for saffron- a spice sometimes described as honey-like. Although the ingredient label also includes pineapple flavor, it is not a prominent flavor in this tea- the orange peel is lovely and a much more noticeable constituent in the cup. The many layers of flavor in this tea present themselves like notes of a perfume worn throughout the day- each lending a pleasant and needed contribution to the whole experience.

How to make a cup


Place the infuser tea bag into your cup and pour water around 170-180F over the bag and allow to brew for about 2 minutes. The package label suggests a 2-3 minute steep (brew) time, so you may need to experiment to see what strength and flavor you prefer since it will vary slightly depending on how long you leave the tea bag in the water. Remove the tea bag after 2-3 minutes and enjoy!




An added bonus


This tea has great packaging- from the high quality mesh infuser tea bag, which is triangular in shape and roomy enough to allow full expansion (and consequently full flavor) of the tea leaves, to the resealable foil packet that holds the infuser bags, keeping the tea fresh by protecting it from light and air.

By the time you finish a cup of Revolution Tropical Green tea, you may also agree the best description of its flavor would be “springtime in a cup”fresh, bright, sweet, and filled with fragrance.

Photo courtesy of Griffey’s Sunshine Photography.

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