Best Green Teas


One of the main goals of this website, if not really the only goal, is to help you learn more about the types of green tea and to introduce you to some of the best green teas to drink- especially if you have previously had unpleasant, or shall we say “bitter” green tea experiences!

Although I have been a black tea lover for as long as I can remember, it has been only in the last few years that I have finally given green tea another chance after having those same bitter experiences (see Tazo Green Ginger tea review for more info on the beginning of my green tea journey).

A whole new world of green tea has now opened up to me as I pursue my new-ish love of it. After starting with some readily available green tea brands (the kind you find at supermarkets) and finding a few that not only did I not hate, but I actually enjoyed, I then tasted my way through a bunch of them until I found a few more I enjoyed. Next I moved on to a few higher end brands, and finally into the world of premium green tea. Allow me to share my discoveries with you on this website–  you will find reviews of green tea including loose leaf tea reviews, best bagged tea reviews, and an entire section devoted to matcha green tea powder (including a page of matcha reviews).

Keep in mind as you search for your favorite(s) that green tea can be compared to almost any other category of food beverage in that the origin, farming, processing, and preparation make ALL the difference in the end product. There is a vast spectrum of flavors dependent upon these variables- so don’t give up if you try a couple you don’t like.

Try a variety of green teas from different regions or seasons of growth (spring vs fall harvest) to find the ones that taste best to you!  And remember to learn how to properly brew green tea in order to prevent bitterness and bring out the best flavors in each cup!

The average person wouldn’t expect the cheese at a gas station deli to have the same characteristics, depth and variety of flavor one would find in the cheese section at a high end market or in an artisanal cheese that most would consider a luxury item purchase. So it is with finding the best green teas.

tea shapes circles

There are some readily available brands and varieties that serve very well as an everyday kind of green tea- and if you are a complete beginner that is a place you can start with only a small investment of effort and money. I have tried many of the brands you will find at the average retailer and I think I can help you find the best tasting green tea from that sector of the market. If you find a few you like and want to move into the world of less readily available but higher quality and even better tasting tea, you will find some of those described and reviewed on this website, too. 


I think of every new green tea I try as an adventure; I am always so excited to take the first drink and discover what unique flavors and aromas I will find in my cup. If I don’t like it, on to the next. I have discovered many wonderful green teas this way.


Like so many other things in life, it can take some time to find the “perfect” one- or the perfect 5, or 10, or who knows how many. As I said previously (but it is worth repeating): If you don’t find the best green tea for you on the first try, give it another until you do. There are so many good options I’m pretty confident there is a green tea to almost every person’s liking- and as when on a treasure hunt- you will know when you find the treasure.


I hope this website serves as a bit of a treasure map to all of the “hidden treasures” in the world of green tea. Happy hunting!

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